Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code 1.39.2 and Visual Studio Community 2019 16.3.5

Visual Studio Code is a code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and if you want to increase his power, you need to install some extensions according to your projects.

The best way to start using and understand the Visual Studio Code is to follow the Introductory Videos such as:

and the Getting Starter documentations.

You can find the latest version of the Visual Studio Code at from Downloads.

Visual Studio Community is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and also use IntelliSense as a code-completion aid like Visual Studio Code.

To download the full version of the Microsoft Visual Studio Community you need to follow the next steps:

  1. if you want to use it on the same PC,  download the bootstrapper from
  • after you download the, where xxx represents the latest version of the installer (ex: vs_community__1365836923.1571943734.exe), run the installer and Continue to finish;
  •  when the Visual Studio Installer is opened there are nothing installed yet, so you can choose to install Visual Studio Community 2019, select the Workloads, Individual components, Language packs, and Installation location;
  • Instead of “Install while downloading” you can select “Download all, then install“.
  1. if you want to install and use it on the other PC (recommended), or the same one but in case you just reinstalled the operating system, you need to create an offline installation:
  • to do that, you need to use the command line in PowerShell to create a local cache with the bootstrapper and that’s command should be like vs_community.exe –layout ‘c:\vslayout’ –lang en-US” to create a complete local layout with all features;
  • you need at least 30-35 GB available space for the download, so, you can use another partition where the operating system is not installed, like D:\ or you can use an external hard drive;
  • create the folder D:\vslayout where you will copy the latest there (ex: vs_community__1365836923.1571943734.exe);
  • from the D:\vslayout folder run the following command:

.\vs_community__1365836923.1571943734.exe --layout 'D:\vslayout' --lang en-US

  • depending on your internet connection, in about 30 minutes you will have a full version of Visual Studio Community (26 GB);
  • after a few days if you run the same command you can update the latest offline installer;
  • the installer will “Verified existing package” and if there is an updated version will replace it with the new one after download.