Java SE (Standard Edition) – Runtime Environment (JRE) and Development Kit (JDK)

Java Control Panel
Java Control Panel

Another important program you should have after you already installed the operating system is Java SE (Standard Edition) Runtime Environment (JRE) because many software applications written in Java need to run with it, starting with online games, chat, view 3D images, etc. The programming language was developed by the SUN Microsystems company in 1991 and from 2010 they have merged with Oracle Corporation. Nowadays, Java technology is found everywhere, on mobile phones, tablets, on-board computers, web applications, and the list can continue.

It is recommended that to install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions on a personal computer and not on the company’s computer because starting with April 16, 2019, the license indicates that the product can only be used for personal purposes and for the commercial one an annual subscription is required. If you want to develop Java applications you also need to install the Java SE (Standard Edition) Development Kit (JDK).

You can find the latest versions of Java (SE) Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java (SE) Development Kit (JDK) at or